In order for a property to become occupied in the City of Baltimore, one must obtain a Use and Occupancy Inspection, then correct any defects before obtaining the Certificate.  We have mastered this process and can reduce the stress that it may cause by streamlining the process for you.

Baltimore City Code Violations

Code Violations/Legal Issues may arise with vacant properties that you own or have recently purchased.  There are very specific measures that must be taken in order to prevent further legal action and/or civil penalties from the City of Baltimore.  We have prevented the seizure of many homes and saved our clients thousands of dollars by following our model of remediation.

Mold Infestations & Mold Remediation

Mold infestations affect many homes; however, it can be a very dangerous condition to leave unattended.  We are certified in mold inspection and remediation.  Whether you just need an inspection, or mold removal, we can help.  Don’t wait, call today for a free visual inspection.